Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen EssentialsWhen you have a small kitchen you really only need, or actually have space for a few essential items. These items need to be able to do more than one task; like the pie plate, it’s great for pies but also a perfect size for roasting a small chicken or for vegetables. And who really needs a rolling pin when an empty wine bottle works just as well!

So here is my list of kitchen essentials, plus an additional list of items that are nice to have around if you have the room.

Cutting board
Chef’s knife
Paring knife
Bread knife
Baking sheet
9×13 pan
Pie plate
2 mixing bowls
Measuring cups (at least a 1/4 and 1/3 C, if not a whole set)
Measuring spoons
Rubber spatula
Wooden spoon
Can opener
Vegetable peeler
Saute pan
Sauce pan
Dutch oven
Hand held mixer

These next items make cooking easier, but if you don’t have the space aren’t essential.
Grill pan: great for cooking everything in one pan. I often cook the fajita fillings on one half of the pan and warm the tortillas on the other half. I’ve also cooked pancakes on this; makes them a little waffley which I prefer anyway.
Blender or food processor
Box grater


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