Fresh Prince

Fresh princeI threw a birthday BBQ for Austin last year. One of the things I served was cubed watermelon, and because it wasn’t quite sweet enough I added a little lime juice to make the fruit taste better. Towards the end of the party most of the watermelon had been eaten but in the bottom of the bowl was a cupful of watermelon juice. We didn’t want to waste it, so we poured it into a glass with a little gin and ice-so yummy and refreshing! Since we were living in west Philadelphia at the time we dubbed it the fresh prince.

I’ve changed the original a bit. Instead of the watermelon juice and ice, I’ve combined the two by freezing the melon and using that as the ice cubes. If you don’t like gin, tequila or vodka would be a fantastic substitution.

4 Cubes of frozen watermelon
1 Shot of gin
1/2 Lime, juiced

Place the watermelon in a small glass and pour the gin and lime juice on top. Wait about 2 minutes to let some of the watermelon thaw and flavor the drink. Enjoy!
This could also be pureed in a blender.

Serves 1


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