Reuseable Bags

My boyfriend always laughs at me when I wash out plastic Ziploc bags, but I think you can use them more than once. But as I was rinsing some out the other day I realized that there must be a better solution. So I started looking on line and I found tons of fabric covered oil cloth bags, that can be used hundreds of times, not just 3 or 4 times.

I enjoy crafting and sewing so I decided I would just make my own. I found some fantastic laminate fabric at the Quilting Loft in Ballard that is phthalate and PVC free (which I think is pretty important if it’s going to be touching food). The fabric is made by ROWAN/Westminster.

I cut 2 squares of the laminate fabric and 2 equal size squares of another fabric, laid the like fabrics right sides together and sewed around 3 of the sides. Turned the regular fabric piece inside out, slipped the laminate fabric sewn piece inside. Folded down the edges and sewed around the top and used iron on velcro for the closure.

It’s a fun, easy, fast and useful project.


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