Use What you Have

I recently heard the author Johnathan Bloom talk about his new book American Wasteland on NPR and it was eye opening.

“Americans create enough waste to fill the 90,000-seat Rose Bowl stadium each day—by a conservative estimate, half a pound of food per American per day”

That is insane! So I’ve decided that I’m going to be better about not wasting. Here are a few of his suggestions on how to reduce what you throw away:

-Make a list of what  you have at home so you don’t rebuy something at the store

-When you buy something new, put it at the back of the fridge and move the older stuff towards the front

-Go to the grocery store more often and buy what you know you will use within 2 days. If you normally buy enough for 4-5 meals and you are too busy to cook that food it will go to waste.

-Get over the need to have a full fridge and freezer. (I know that freezer work best when they are full, so fill the empty space with newspaper or empty boxes, I’m not sure if the fridge works under the same principle…)

Check out his website and the book!

I’m trying to think of this as a fun exercise in creativity. For instance, the other night I had half a pint of sour cream, buttermilk, chicken thighs and a bag of braising greens in the fridge. So I made biscuits,  sourcreamy braised  chicken thighs and sauteed the greens with some hot sauce. A yummy dinner, and now an emptier fridge.

If you have some ingredients that you need help getting rid of, email me and I will help you come up with some meal ideas. I think they do something similar on The Splendid Table (yes, I listen to a lot of NPR)



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