Lasagna Cheat

I love the way a bechamel* sauce tastes in lasagna, so creamy and rich, just makes the whole dish that much more decadent! But sometimes I get lazy and don’t feel like making it, or I just don’t have the time. Yesterday was a lazy day and I thought I’d just skip the bechamel, until I saw the buy one get one free pasta sauces and decided to try alfredo sauce as the white sauce replacement. So I did a layer of noodles topped with roasted eggplant and the alfredo sauce,another layer of noodles topped with ricotta-spinach-basil mix, and noodles, tomato sauce and cheese to finish it off. All I can say is yum!

*Bechamel sauce is milk thickened with a roux (flour and butter) Alfredo sauce is reduced heavy cream and cheese. Both amazingly delicious!