Winter Newsletter

Winter is already starting to feel long, but thankfully it’s citrus season! Those bright and fresh fruits are at their prime right now, and you can’t help but think of the sunshine when you bite into them. Scroll down to read some fun facts about citrus. Two big indulgent “holidays” are coming soon, Superbowl and Valentine’s day. I’ve included some potluck party tips and some Valentine’s Day dessert recipes

Citrus Season

Winter is the time when citrus fruits are in their prime; oranges are the juiciest, grapefruit is the sweetest, and lemons are the most aromatic. So get your fill now! Here are a few fun facts about citrus fruits…

Sumo oranges were introduced to the US about 2 years ago on the west coast and have slowly been moving east. If you haven’t tried one yet, make a point of finding one. They are the largest of the Mandarin oranges, extremely sweet and juicy.

Sumo Oranges

-When choosing kumquats, look for firm bright orange fruit. Before popping the whole thing in your mouth, gently rub the fruit between your fingers to release some of the oils. The fruit is sweet and tart all at the same time.

-Oranges are one of the few fruits that will not overripen if left on the tree

-Pummelos, the largest citrus fruit, are also called Chinese grapefruit, and are very popular around Chinese lunar new year because they resemble a full moon.

Super Bowl Party Tips (or any Potluck tips)

-Prepare a dish that is easy to transport. A tiered cake, or dishes that need to be served immediately aren’t good ideas.

-You don’t need to feed everyone there, plan on making enough food for 75% of the people.

-Don’t assume you can use the oven or stove once you get to the party. Either talk to the host/hostess about warming something up, or plan on a room temperature dish.

-If you want to serve something cold, bring an ice bath with you. No one wants to get sick after eating your room temperature shrimp cocktail.

-Bring all serving utensils with you. Again don’t assume that the host will have some.

-Make a small sign to put in front of you dish explaining what it is (if it’s not obvious), and include any allergens

-And lastly, stop using the word guac. The full word guacamole isn’t that hard. 🙂

Valentine’s Day Dessert Ideas

Here are some tasty and festive desserts to make for your loved ones, I’ve divided them into categories based on your skill and/or the amount of time you have

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Fondue
Chocolate and Whiskey Liqueur

-Make or buy brownies or rice krispie bars and cut into the shape of a heart


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