Meal Planning

Meal Planning is no fun. Let me fix it.

Time you don’t have

Let me tell you a true story. My sister loves to cook and when she went back to work after maternity leave she found that getting dinner on the table for herself and her husband had become a major challenge.

  1. She and her husband were making multiple, costly “emergency” trips to the grocery store every week and sometimes once-a-day.

  2. They were trying to create dinner plans on the fly while at the store.

  3. They were wasting precious time that could have been spent with the baby, together or just doing things they prefer to do after a long day at work.

  4. The food that did make it to the table was often boring and unhealthy.

  5. They still had to create a grocery list.

My sister knows how to plan interesting and healthy meals. She knows there are multiple apps that promise to make it easy but they still require time she just doesn’t have.

After a few weeks of this, she asked me for help and I did.

Problem Solved

Planning meals tailored to specific clients and constructing organized and efficient grocery lists is what I’ve been doing for years. I asked her a few questions about food preferences and her goals, planned out a menu for the week, created a grocery list and included recipes all in one email. Done.

I fixed this for my sister and I can fix this for you too. Let’s start with dinner.

How it works

  1. When you sign up I will first ask you some basic questions about food preferences/dislikes, allergies, etc.

  2. I then create a menu consisting of four complete dinners for you, prepare a grocery list, and write an email that includes the recipes or links to recipes, plus notes for the week’s meals.

  3. Each week you get to try new recipes and combinations curated from my own library of recipes and the best from quality, reputable websites. You’ll never get stuck in a food rut again!

  4. You will also receive cooking tips, weekend cooking ideas, and food and health trends in a monthly newsletter.

Sign up today

Meal planning is $15 a week for the first 4 weeks, then $20 a week after that.  Payment is thru Wells Fargo or PayPal.

Let’s get started!


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